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Project development step by step.

Understanding Needs

Understanding Needs


The first step of development is to understand our client’s needs. So, our team will approach you to get knowledge of your requirement, objectives, project users. They will understand the logic, type, size, and structure of the project to be developed.

Understanding Needs

Building Wireframe


Once the requirements gets clear, the story continues. Our team starts preparing wireframing of all the screens, covering the ideas, intention, features, UX/UI, maintenance, and functionalities. It's like the blueprint of the project development.

Understanding Needs

Project Designing


After preparing wireframes, we starts designing the project into a friendly user experience to potential business clients. To make the perfect web design for your business brands, our website design team asks for your organization logo, color, and image preferences to increase engagement.

Understanding Needs

Functionality Development


After the designing part is done, we continue with developing the project functionality and database setup. This step ensures that the functionality of the control system meets the process requirements of the client. This is achieve through an in-depth understanding of our clients processes and the associated requirements.

Understanding Needs

Testing [beta mode]


Once we develop the project as per your needs, we start testing your project with all features. At this time, the project is ready to use on BETA mode only. This helps to remove the bugs while trying the project together. We will make sure that your project is running smoothly without support.

Understanding Needs

Launching project


After making your website 100% bug-free, it’s time to launch it in the markets for your clients. By deploying your website to your server, it will be available for you, your staff, and your customers to use. Our team also provide product maintenance if your company finds something that leads to any application performance issues.